Blue Kite Update

May 15, 2015

When I closed Blue Kite Boutique in mid-August of last year, I had no real idea of what would become of it down the road.  I originally thought I would go to all online sales after taking a few months of maternity leave.  I planned on selling clothes and my handmade items along with a few other handmade items from vendors that I worked with at the store.  This was the plan.  It’s what seemed logical and desirable at the time.

My daughter was born in October, and from that day forward (really much earlier than that), I knew I had made the right decision to stay home with her.  I have not missed my store one bit, and I think that’s confirmation that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  I loved having a store, but I did not love working almost every single weekend for two years.  My husband and I finally have Saturdays together again (that don’t include him sitting at a counter eating lunch in between helping customers).  I think it is so crucial for us to have that time again, especially now that we have a daughter.

I have to be honest in that I never planned on having a brick and mortar store.  My original plan for Blue Kite was much different.  The store thing came to be along the way, and I’m so glad it did.  I learned so much, met so many people, and was able to experience the fun adventure of having my own store.  I still have a dream for what could be with Blue Kite.  My original idea is still in the back of my head, waiting for the right time if that time should ever come.  I’m learning to never say never to what might be and to not write plans in concrete.

When I was praying over what direction to go with the store legally, financially, and physically, it all pointed to me resting for awhile.  If you’ve never owned a business, let me let you in on a little secret-- the government requires a lot of taxes out of you!  In order to just keep the business open, I have to pay yearly taxes to a few different government offices.  That’s required even if I don’t sell a single penny’s worth!  I couldn’t justify working and selling enough just to pay those taxes every year.  There are so many other legal and financial requirements I won’t bore you with that helped me make the decision not to continue the business for now.

I’m not sad not to have the store.  Being at home with my baby and having more time with my husband is the best thing ever.  My only sadness was coming from feeling like I might disappoint others or seem like I was giving up.  I had to come to a realization that it doesn’t matter what others think as long as I’m doing what God is telling me to do, what my husband and I feel like is best for our family, and what gives me peace (all of that falls into place when you listen to what God says).  I struggled with making an announcement, because what if I change my mind in a year or so?  Well, we’ll take that road when we get there.  I really couldn’t take the plunge to tell everyone my decision until I saw a video (you can view at the bottom of this post) of Joanna Gaines (from HGTV) telling her story.  It was such a familiar feeling!  Now, I’m not saying I think I’m going to have the fame and TV show and all that she has!  What I’m saying if that we never know what the future holds.  I might have a store again someday.  I might just spend the rest of my days working at home, and that sounds just as fantastic!

Thank you for being so supportive for the two years the store was open.  I am amazed at the friendships that were made.  Through your giving at the store, you helped raise money to help people all over the world and here at home.  You also helped me and my family live a dream for two years.  Colin and I thank you so much and hope you’ll say hi if we see you around town!

Love, Marla


Kids Yoga

July 2, 2014

Yoga Instructor Lana Moix has some new classes at Blue Kite!  Bring your kid to this yoga class for a night of fun and exercise!  There are two more classes coming up, and it's just $5 a class per child (no fee for parents).

Women's Inc. Article

July 2, 2014

THANK YOU to Women's Inc. for featuring Blue Kite in their July issue!  You can read the article here:

HUGE Clothing Sale!

May 8, 2014

ALL of our clothes are marked down right now!  They're all spring and summer pieces, so you can refresh your wardrobe just in time for warm weather!  We have tops, dresses, skirts, and pants in lots of colors and styles.  Regular price is always under $40, so you know the sale prices are a great deal!

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

April 25, 2014

Looking for a unique gift for Mother's Day?  How about something different from the usual candy and flowers?

We have two upcoming classes that would be PERFECT for a gift!

On Friday, May 16, we'll be doing Yoga for Two.  This is great for a date night or for her to do with a friend!  It's only $10 for the cost of a couple!  Is the Mother expecting a new little bundle?  This class is pre-natal friendly! Just let us know when you call or come in to sign her up!

The next class that might be perfect for you mom is a makeup class led by renowned makeup artist Aaron Perkins who has worked with Michael Kors, at New York Fashion Week, and for a slew of celebrities including Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson!  What's even better is that the profits from class will be donated to Bethlehem House!

Your wife will bring her makeup and get personal attention and tips for what best suits her!

After the class, you can take her out to a nice dinner since she'll be looking her best!

To register for these classes, come in the store or call 501-733-8339.  If you're giving these as a gift, we'll make out a gift certificate for you to give the Mother in your life on Mother's Day!

Are you a mother and want to send a hint to the husband and kids?  Forward them this info! ;)

Painted Burlap Door Hanger Class

April 8, 2014

Sign up for our upcoming class!  Space is limited!

Sign up in store or at